New Release: Mastering the Classical Guitar 1B

Mastring the Classical Guitar 1B Press Release - Wissam Abboud

The second volume of “Mastering the Classical Guitar” series by Wissam Abboud is now out!

Mastering the Classical Guitar, Book 1B is the second book in a progressive series using a variety of musical repertoire and educational materials to provide a solid technical foundation for classical guitar students. Book 1B focuses largely on scale, interval and chord construction and how this knowledge is useful in becoming a better sight reader.

This book is most appropriate for students who can already read standard notation in first position and are ready to attempt second position. Again written in four broad sections, Progressive Studies and Pieces, Technical Exercises, Chords and Chord Progressions and Rhythmic Reading, Book 1B presents numerous playing, chord progression and clapping exercises along with 40 mostly 19th-century pieces by Aguado, Carcassi, Carulli, Sor and others. Tips on how to integrate the three sections are given throughout the book.

While underlying theory is explained in the text, students using this book would still benefit from the advice and constructive feedback of a competent teacher. Teachers will also applaud the generous number of attractive, easy-to-intermediate recital pieces in the book. Fingering is kept to a minimum to encourage students and teachers to pencil-in their own fingering, leading to greater understanding and retention.

Written in standard notation only, Mastering the Classical Guitar, Book 1B comes with extensive audio examples. Includes access to online audio.

You can purchase Mastering the Classical Guitar Book 1B on MelBay‘s website or Amazon!

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