Music Engraving & Copying

A clean and organized piece of sheet music can mean the difference to any musician. Our Music Engraving & Copying services can make that difference. Whether the source is a handwritten score, an old and distressed piece of music, or a heavily marked part, we can re-write the scores in to high-quality, professional sheet music.

Music Engraving Samples

Samples are available on Music Notation Hub

Music Engraving Rates: Per Page

Project or Page TypeCost per Page
One Instrument (single stave) $8-13
Piano $10-15
Trio & Quartets (3-4 staves)$15-18
Ensemble (5-8 staves)$18-20
Full Orchestra (9+ staves)$20-30
+ Add Lyrics$2
+ Add parts extraction from existing score$3

Additional transpositions – 10% of total project

Note: Per-page rates are based on the finished project, not the original music.

Music Engraving Rates: Per Frame

Complexity of MusicCost per Frame*
Very Simple$0.1
Simple, with no formatting complications$0.15
Moderate, 2 layers, more articulations$0.2
Advanced, 2 layers, Cross beams and manual adjustments$0.25
Complicated: 3 layers or Atonal$0.3
*A Frame is a non-empty measure/stave

Unless you specifically request otherwise, the completed project will be e-mailed to you as both PDF and (upon request) Sibelius files after payment has been received.