Wissam Abboud is a Lebanese Guitarist born in 1993. He studied classical guitar under Jean Beujekian, Roy Abboud, and Susan McDonald. He is the author of Acoustic Duo, Classical Guitar Method, and Mastering the Classical Guitar series.

Wissam holds a Master of Arts in Music, and a Bachelor Degree in Musicology from Notre Dame University in Lebanon. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music – Classical Guitar Performance and Baccalaureate Diplomas in Theoretical Studies and Sight Singing from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music.

Wissam is currently a Guitar, Theory, Sight Singing, and Music Appreciation instructor at the School of music of Antonine and Notre Dame University

In 2014, he joined the prestigious Notre Dame University Choir under the direction of Fr. Khalil Rahmeh, and performed in many events and festivals in Lebanon, Italy, and France including: Al-Bustan Festival, Olbia International Festival(Italy), Beirut Chants, Lebanese International Choir Festival, Pairs, Palermo(Italy) and Cedars International Festival.

In September 2014, he released his first book entitled Acoustic Duo, which  is an Instrumental songbook for guitar duo composed by Wissam and Roy Abboud.

In August 2017, he released a Classical guitar method in four volumes “Classical Guitar Method” then signed with the prestigious Mel Bay publication Inc. for a series of books entitled “Mastering the Classical Guitar” that was published in December 2018.

• Publications •

Released Publications:

  • Classical Guitar Method – Debut (WA 101)
  • Classical Guitar Method – Preparatory (WA 102)
  • Classical Guitar Method – Grade 1 (WA 103)
  • Classical Guitar Method – Grade 2 (WA 104)
  • Piano Sonata in C (WA 105)
  • Missa Brevis for SATB Choir (WA 106)
  • Acoustic Duo Song Book (WA 100)

    Publications under Mel Bay Inc.:

  • Mastering the Classical Guitar 1A (30683M)
  • Mastering the Classical Guitar 1B (30684M)

Scheduled Publications:

  • Classical Guitar Method – Grade 3 (WA 107)
  • Classical Guitar Method – Grade 4 (WA 108)
  • Music Theory Workbook – Levels 1, 2 & 3

    Publications under Mel Bay Inc.:

  • Mastering the Classical Guitar 2A (30685M)
  • Mastering the Classical Guitar 2B (30686M)