Information & Regulations

Official Certificates Recognition.

All certificate exams will be personally supervised by Mr. Wissam Abboud, the Author of the Classical Guitar Method. The certificates are accredited by the NDU School of Music and signed jointly by Mr. Wissam Abboud and the School’s director.

Exam entry requirements:

Candidates of any age who meet the requirements of the syllabus are eligible to do the exam.

No prior theory qualification is required in order to submit the exam, however, basic musical knowledge addressed in the Classical Guitar Method must be acquired.

Each level exam can be repeated only once for a full fee, within one year of the first failed exam.

Exam entries cannot be transferred from the name of one candidate to another.


1 – Record and Upload your video
2 – Register, enroll and pay the exam fees
3 – Get assessed by the Author of the Classical Guitar Method series.
4 – Receive a report, assessment and an accredited Certificate


  • Secure, Private, and Accredited
  • Accessible and Cost-effective
  • Register when ready
  • Choose your own date, time and venue
  • Choose your pieces from the Syllabus
  • Perform and record wherever/whenever suits you best
  • Submit your favorite take and get assessed on your best efforts


  • Pass: 60-75
  • Merit: 76-89
  • Distinction: 90+

Exam Process:

Step 1: Record your Audition Video

  • All the required pieces should be recorded in one continuous take with no edits.
  • Any audio or video editing will result in disqualification
  • The candidate should start the video by introducing their full name and exam grade, and then they shall introduce each piece before playing it.
  • The candidate’s face and the guitar (showing both right and left hands) should be clearly visible. Example.
  • The quality of the video should be at least 720p HD.

Step 2: Upload your Audition Video

  • Your video should be labeled as follows:
    “yourname_Level” for example: Wissam Abboud_Grade 2
  • Create/login to a Youtube Account
  • Upload your video on Youtube. If you don’t want your video to be visible to the public on Youtube, choose unlisted under the privacy tab.
  • Once uploaded, open your video, select share, and copy the link.

Step 3: Submit Your Audition Application

  • Fill out the exam entry application.
  • Include the video URL in your application.

Step 4: Settle the exam fees

  • You will receive an invoice by email within 24 hours of submitting the application.
  • Click on the link in the email and settle the feed using any Debit/Credit card.

Step 5: Wait for the results

  • Auditions will be carefully reviewed within a week of submission
  • Upon review, the results and signed certificate will be sent to the candidate by email.

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