Music Transcription

Music transcription service generally refers to listening to an auditory source of music, and then notating that music down on paper.

We offer Transcriptions of almost any audio file or video of a decent quality into professional and playable sheet music and/or into MIDI for audible playback. Transcriptions will be provided as a PDF and/or mp3/wav file.

The cost of the transcription is based upon the complexity and duration of the music and number of instruments. The prices starts from $10/minute of lead sheet, which includes the melody and chords. Adding Lyrics to lead sheets is also an available option.

Project TypeCost per Minute
Lead Sheet$10
Vocal Lead Sheet$12
Vocal Ensemble$20
Piano & Vocal Arrangment$18
Piano $15
Guitar Notation and/or Tabs$12
Bass Notation and/or Tabs$12
Ukulele Notation or Tabs$12
Sax, Trumpet, & Clarinet$12

Synthesia Piano Tutorials are also available for $20/video + transcription cost.

Samples are available on Music Notation Hub