Information & Regulations

Official Recognition of Certificates.

All certificates exams will be personally supervised by Wissam Abboud, the Author of the Method. The certificates are accredited by NDU School of Music and signed jointly by Wissam Abboud and the School’s director.

Exam entry requirements:

Candidates of any age that conform the requirements of the syllabus are accepted.

No prior theory qualification is required in order to submit the exam, but basic musical knowledge addressed in the books must be acquired.

Each level exam can be repeated only once for a full fee, within one year of the first failed exam.

Exam entries cannot be transferred from the name of one candidate to another.

Exam Process:

  • Graded exams are submitted by video
  • Perform and record wherever you are comfortable
  • Register when ready,
  • Submit your favorite take and get assessed on your best efforts

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1 – Record and Upload your video
2 – Register, enroll and pay
3 – Get assessed by the Author of the Classical Guitar Method series.
4 – Receive a report, assessment and an accredited certificate


  • Choose your own date and time
  • Choose your venue
  • Choose your pieces from the Syllabus
  • Secure and Private
  • Accredited
  • Cost-effective
  • Accessible